Island Opening 2012

The island has been opened for the season, and I am happy to report that Barbara’s fabulous fall squirrel proofing did the trick…there was no new damage this winter. Now, of course, there wasn’t much of a winter either, and the critters probably didn’t need the shelter as much as they had in the past, but any spring opening that doesn’t involve cleaning up squirrel chaos is a good one by me.

The weather, however, was awful the week we where there to open (May 28-June 4). Here, let me give you an idea:

Here is a weather map image that I sent to my husband via an ipad from the first night (click on the image to make larger)….

the weather ahead...

And here is a video of what that looked like from the beach…

We got 7.7 inches of rain in one day. The lake rises 2 inches for every inch of rain that falls from the sky. Do the math and voila! you get something that looks like this:

The back deck

The dock at the landing

In other news, there are NEW INSTRUCTIONS for using the Envirolet potty. Simply put, it didn’t compost over the winter and that was our fault, not the the potty’s.

Please check the Island Rules for more information!

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