Improvements for 2015


Island people are an odd lot.  This can be best seen in the types of gifts we give one another to celebrate milestones or holidays.

This Father’s Day I gave my husband John a new composting toilet for the island.  He was thrilled. As he is fond of saying, we can now advertise the island as “4 bedrooms, 2 baths, high ceilings and water views”

Island visitors will be even more thrilled I am sure.

Located in what was once an outhouse that was painstakingly dug out by my own dad for many years (yuck), the new Biolet lives in the Greenhouse. The model number is the BTS33 (BTS are also my mom’s initials…. perfect).  Special thanks go out to Dean and his son Ryan for rebuilding the floor of the Greenhouse to accommodate our new potty.

Check the island instructions pages for how to use it, but if you remember the old Biolet then there is not much to learn.  It is super simple. And it works. Yeeha.

Also new for 2015:


Lost trees, new stain: Because of bad storms in late May we lost several trees on the west side of the island.  Thanks to some deft work by local tree surgeons, the cabin was saved but the clapboarding had been pummeled by hail.  As of this writing John has sanded it down and is restaining it. Here are some pictures:






• New beds/mattresses:  The girls’ (east) cabin is now has one bed and it has a queen sized mattress…and it is really comfortable.  The metal bed has gone into storage and the other bed was junked.    The boys’ (west) cabin has new mattresses too as well as the materials needed to turn those two beds into a super comfy king sized bed. (check the plastic storage bins under the bed). There is a set of king sheets there as well but we encourage you to bring and use your own.

20150711_150332New screens, screen doors and a window in progress:  Most of the front porch has been re-screened, we have new screen doors and the window off the kitchen overlooking the picnic table is in the process of being rebuilt.

Enjoy the summer!




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