The ex brush pile…and where it went

Brush piles can be fire hazards. They can also take up an incredible amount of space, especially on an island as small as Crescent.

For that reason I took it upon myself to remove the current brush pile and move what I could to the shore. A good 70% of what was there was old lumber, which explains why it wasn’t decomposing as quickly as it should.

In the future we would like to encourage islanders to take branches that may have fallen from the trees and put them along the shoreline of the island in order to prevent erosion from the waves or ice.

There is a pile of old logs behind the potty. They came from under the brush pile and need to be broken down further. Folks are encouraged to smack those stumps with a rake or a hatchet and turn them into mulch. It’s fun 🙂

Where the brush pile used to be... now just twigs and stuff.

One of the six or so loads that went acrooss to the shore (and to the dump)

Some of the lumber that was under the brush pile

Stumps. Ready to be smacked

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